First Post

Tags: personal, tech, Date: 2008-02-01

2020-05-03: Since then, this blog has been moved to PAX.

After a long time of waiting to write my own blog software like true hackers with infinite time do (and those irritated by Wordpress), I bit the bullet and installed blorg, a very low-overhead Emacs blog engine on top of org-mode, that I happen to use as an organizer. Blorg basically converts an org mode buffer to HTML files, so it is completely static: send me email if you have comments, I have no desire to maintain a more complex solution with comment filtering.

Small fixes had to be made for blorg to be able to deal with org-mode 5.17a, and I only had time to bring it to some basic level of functionality. That said, here is the blorg-init.el file I'm using right now.