Dirty 36Cube

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2012-08-19 -- This is a short rant on what I consider to be a good puzzle and why the trick 36Cube pulls is rather dirty.

WARNING, spoilers ahead.

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Ultimate Fallout 2 Ironman Munchkin

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2009-11-21 -- I'm cleaning up the accumulated junk and found this guide that was written eons ago.

This build is focused on survival. No save/loading, killap's final patch, hard combat and game difficulty. As it is not only ironman but a munchkin too it must be a sniper since HtH is a bit underpowered.

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Important remainder

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2008-02-04 -- An example may speak a hundred words, but sometimes not even that is enough and you want to be very explicit about the dangers of hand grenades on board.

Finally, some trash talk carefully designed to intimidate: trash

Never die without having made the necessary arrangements.

All pictures were taken at Málaga airport.

First post

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2008-02-01 -- After a long time of waiting to write my own blog software like true hackers with infinite time do (and those irritated by Wordpress), I bit the bullet and installed blorg - a very low overhead emacs blog engine - on top of org-mode that I happen to use as an organizer. Blorg basically converts an org mode buffer to html files so it is completely static: send me email if you have comments, I have no desire to maintain a more complex solution with comment filtering.

Small fixes had to be made for blorg to be able to deal with org-mode 5.17a and I only had time to bring it to some basic level of functionality. That said here is the blorg-init.el file I'm using right now.

2020-05-03: Since then, this blog has been moved to MGL-PAX.