Debian Lenny was released back in February. My conservativeness only lasts about half a year so I decided to upgrade to Squeeze aka Debian testing. The upgrade itself went rather smoothly with a few notable exceptions. With KDE 4.3 I should have waited more. Notes:

  • Who thought it a grand idea that in the default theme (Oxygen) the color of the panel and window title bar cannot be customized? Installing the desktop theme called Aya solved the panel issue while going back to Keramik helped with the title bar.
  • The kmail message list is a train wreck by default with its multi-line entries. It took me ages to find how to turn it to back to classic theme (hint: it's not under `Configure KMail'), at the cost of no threading messages.
  • I had customized kwin to use the Super key for all shortcuts. KDE3 decided to call it the Win key, but hey, I understand that's where it's often mapped. After the upgrade my settings were wiped out.
  • In org-mode C-u C-c C-t had asked for a new tag. After the upgrade and (setq org-use-fast-todo-selection 'prefix) it does so again.
  • The upgrade broke my fragile xmodmap config so I wrote an xkb based config instead. It's activated with:

 xkbcomp -I$HOME/.xkb ~/.xkb/keymap/us_lisp $DISPLAY

  • Upgrading to emacs23 was painless, except for blorg that needed a couple of hacks to get this entry out the door.