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Hung Connections

My ISP replaced a Thomson modem with a Cisco EPC3925 modem-router to fix the speed issue I was having. The good news is that the connection operates near its advertised bandwidth, the bad news is that tcp connections started to hang. It didn't take long to find out that this particular router drops "unused" tcp connections after five minutes.

The fix recommended in the linked topic (namely sysctl'ing net.ipv4.tcp_keepalive_time & co) was mostly effective but I had to lower the keepalive to one minute to keep my ssh sessions alive. The trouble was that OfflineIMAP connections to the U.S. west coast still hanged intermittently while it could work with Gmail just fine.

In the end, OfflineIMAP had to be patched to use the keepalive and the keepalive be lowered to 15s:

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OfflineIMAP with Encrypted Authinfo

I've moved to an OfflineIMAP + Gnus setup that's outlined at various places. Gnus can be configured to use ~/.authinfo as a netrc style of file to read passwords from and can easily use encrypted authinfo files as well. Offlineimap, on the other hand, offers no such support and passwords to the local and remote imap accounts are normally stored in clear text in .offlineimaprc.

For the local account this can be overcome by not running a dovecot server but making offlineimap spawn a dovecot process when needed:

 [Repository LocalGmail]
 type = IMAP
 preauthtunnel = /usr/sbin/dovecot -c ~/.dovecot.conf --exec-mail imap

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