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Google AI Challange 2010

Tron is a fun little game of boxing out the opponent and avoiding crashing into a wall first. The rules are simple so the barrier to entry into this contest is low. Thanks to aeruiqe who made to Common Lisp starter pack it took as little as a few hours to get a very bare bones algorithm going. It's doing surprisingly well: it is number 23 on the leaderboard at the moment with 43 wins, 2 losses and 9 draws.

Upgrade Woes 2

Debian Squeeze finally got Xorg 7.5 instead of the old and dusty 7.4. The upgrade was as smooth as ever: DPI is off, keyboard repeat for the Caps Lock key does not survive suspend/resume and the trackpoint stopped working. Synaptics click by tapping went away before the upgrade so that doesn't count.

Micmac Initial Release

From a failed experiment today I salvaged Micmac, a statistical library wannabe, that for now only has Metropolis-Hastings MCMC and Metropolis Coupled MCMC implemented. The code doesn't weigh much but I think it gets the API right. In other news MGL v0.0.6 was released.