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It hasn't been a year yet since I first promised that alpha-beta snippet and it is already added to micmac in all its 35 line glory. The good thing about not rushing it out the door is that it saw more a bit more use. For a tutorialish tic-tac-toe example see test/test-game-theory.lisp.

The logging code in the example produces output suitable for cut and pasting into an org-mode buffer and exploring it by TABbing into subtrees to answer the perpetual 'What the hell was it thinking?!' question.

Nash equilibrium finder

While I seem to be unable to make my mind up on a good interface to alpha-beta with a few bells and whistles, I added a Nash equilibrium finder to Micmac that's becoming less statistics oriented. This was one of the many things in Planet Wars that never really made it.

Let's consider the Matching pennies game. The row player wins iff the two pennies show the same side. The payoff matrix is:

 |       | Heads | Tails |
 | Heads |     1 |    -1 |
 | Tails |    -1 |     1 |

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Planet Wars Post-Mortem

I can't believe I won.

I can't believe I won decisively at all.

The lead in the last month or so was an indicator of having good chances, but there was a huge shuffling of ranks in the last week and some last minute casualties.

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