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Space Cadet

Emacs users often report problems caused by strain on the pinky finger that's used to press the Control key. The standard answer to that is to map Caps Lock to Control. I believe that there is a better way.

Note the placement of modifiers: Control, Meta, Super, Hyper on both sides of Space in this order, with Control being the closest to it. Touch typers especially find having two of each key absolutely essential and the symmetric placement appeals to me.

Also note the Rubout key, next to A where Caps Lock resides on modern keyboards. Rubout is like Backspace and is better to have on the home row than the most useless and annoying key in history.

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2008 Computer Games Olympiad

It seems that the competition has not been standing still (as opposed to Six) and this year marks the end of the golden era. Congratulations to both Wolve and MoHex who beat Six! Thanks to Ryan Hayward who, again, kindly registered Six for the Olympiad.

About the future, I don't really plan on resuming work on Hex in general (and Six in particular), although losing does irk me a bit.